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15 Must-Have Handy Things To Get At Home Depot For Under $15

There are plenty of helpful gadgets out there that can make any job a lot easier. We did some research and found a list of 15 items that you can buy today at Home Depot for under $15 that will make your life easier.

15. Klein Tools Knife and Scissors Sharpener ($13.85)
Dull knives make meal prep a hassle, causing frustration during chopping and dicing tasks. But did you know those dull knives are dangerous too? That’s because home chefs have to use more pressure when cutting, which is more likely to result in loss of control. You can have your knives professionally sharpened in a local shop, or you can make a small investment in a sharpener tool and do it yourself at home. With the Klein Tools Knife and Scissors Sharpener, you can sharpen your blades any time, without the cost of a pro job.

14. Rust-Oleum Anti-Slip Aerosol Spray ($6.79)
When it comes to outdoor stairs, whether on the porch, deck, or poolside entryway, safety is key. Slick walkways, especially in inclement weather can lead to slips, falls, and serious injuries. The Rust-Oleum EpoxyShield Anti-slip aerosol spray provides traction to slippery surfaces, and can be used on metal, wood, and concrete surfaces. The result is a walkable pathway you could (figuratively) fall head over heels for—all while remaining safely on your feet.

13. 2X4 Pegboard ($22.04)
Nothing corrals clutter quite as effectively as this garage staple. Better still, its easy-to-paint surface and simple design make white pegboard versatile enough to bring into interior spaces like hobby rooms, bedrooms, and kitchens! The perforated holes on a single 1/6-inch-thick panel provide dozens upon dozens of opportunities per sheet to affix a hook and hang your small accessories—from hand tools to kitchen implements—in plain sight. Install with nails or (if your supplies are light enough) 3M strips, one sheet will convert any blank wall into an opportunity for vertical storage.

12. 3-Pack Sugru ($11.98)
Sugru starts out as a 3D glue you can mold into virtually any shape and stick wherever you want it. The product bonds to ceramic, glass, metal, wood and a range of other common household surfaces. Once cured, Sugru becomes a flexible silicone rubber, which stays fixed in place even while remaining soft to the touch. Basically, it’s Play-Doh for DIYers. Not only is it handy product for countless repair jobs and improvement projects (both inside the home and outdoors), but it also happens to be a great deal of fun.

11. Empty 1-Quart Paint Can ($3.42)
When new or half-full, paint cans can be a nuisance, hogging otherwise usable space in the basement or garage. Once empty, however, those same containers become quite practical. For some, empty paint cans provide ideal storage for workshop staples like nuts and bolts, screws and nails. Others, meanwhile, view the cans as no-frills garden planters or as building blocks for creative DIYs. If you don’t have any laying around, or if you can’t wait for yours to be empty, consider stocking up on ones that come empty in the first place.

10. 14-in-1 Hammer Multi-Tool ($14.14)
Forget schlepping your heavy tool bag from the garage indoors and back again for every little household repair. The Sheffield 14-in-1 Hammer Multi Tool squeezes all of the classics into an approximately 10-inch frame that can be easily stashed in a desk or taken on-the-go in case of emergencies. This stainless steel hand tool functions as a hammer nail claw, 1/4- and 1/16-inch slotted screwdriver, #2 Philips screwdriver, Linesman pliers, regular pliers, serrated knife, wire cutters, wire stripper, can opener—even a key when you add your spare to its portfolio. Perfectly compact, it packs away in a nylon pouch between any of its uses.

9. Milwaukee Stylus and Black Marker ($8.72)
The dual-function Milwaukee Stylus and Black Marker is made for weekend warriors. Use the pen to mark up rough and tough materials like dusty cinderblock or wet concrete. Then flip the tool on its end and use the stylus to flip through your phone or tablet for online tutorials and how-to videos—all without removing your work gloves.

8. Super Glue ($6.35)
It may be possible to write a book on the virtues of Super Glue, so many are its uses. It bonds with many non-porous materials, including metal, rubber, and plastic. In addition to being a handy household essential, it’s also very affordable. A 12-pack of glue could last you for a long while and costs just a few bucks.

7. Milescraft Trim45 Carpentry Aid ($11)
Sometimes, even the best carpenters and DIY-ers can use a hand. Milescraft’s Trim45 Carpentry Aid is compatible with a range of hand tools and power tools, and boasts a built-in miter gauge for marking 45° angles, a square for 90° angles, and magnetized tape-measure slots—so you make accurate cuts every time. Made of heavy-duty plastic and steel, the Carpentry Aid is especially helpful for installing door and window trim.

6. 4-Pack Magic Eraser ($3.47)
When all else fails on the grimiest, grossest portions of the house—from grass-stained sports equipment and a charred barbecue to mildew-ridden tile grout and crayon-covered walls—enlist the help of Mr. Clean. The Magic Eraser truly lives up to its name: It requires little more than a splash of water to activate the micro-scrubbers that do all of the heavy liftings, so you can save on time and elbow grease. Built like a sponge on steroids, this pad deserves a spot in your cleaning caddy.

5. Step Stool Ladder ($17.98)
Need to swap out the light bulb in the ceiling fixture? Or have you finally mustered the energy to clean the upper kitchen cabinets? Either way, unless you’re taller than the average basketball player, the situation calls for a step ladder. It’s the sort of household essential many never think to own—that is, until the moment when it would really come in handy to have one. Conveniently, the two-step model shown here folds down to mere inches, making it a cinch to store in the closet or anywhere else you have a sliver of space.

4. Stainless Steel Contact Paper ($11.97)
Want the new look of a paint job without all the commitment? Contact paper is temporary peel-and-stick covering that works on almost any surface—including plastic, wood, metal, and painted walls. This paper mimics the look of stainless steel, so it’s a perfect way to refresh a tired backsplash, update cabinet fronts, or makeover a dated dishwasher or microwave. The vinyl material is washable and stain-resistant, too, so this clever cover-up can stand up to any kitchen mess.

3. Clamplight Mini Flashlight ($6.97)
Fumbling and bumbling with a flashlight is the last thing you need when working in the dark. The Blackfire Clamplight flashlight helps campers, drivers, and nighttime DIYers keep their hands free for more important work by attaching to many surfaces. The little LED light shines from its perch—anything from caps and backpacks to clipboards and car air vents—providing you with long-lasting illumination.

2. Silverback 12 Function Multi-Tool and Wallet ($9.99)
Having the right tool on hand is everything. But traditional multi-tools are bulky, and a pain to carry around every day. Skip the hassle and pick up this ultra-compact multi-tool instead! Slip the Silverback into your wallet, or add a couple of elastic bands to make a lightweight alternative for carrying cash and cards. Equipped with a wrench, bottle opener, nail file, flat-head screwdriver, ruler, box opener, and mini pry bar, the Silverback can handle most on-the-go repairs.

1. Husky Bucket Jockey ($7.97)
The Husky Bucket Jockey is the ultimate in convenience and organization. Deep pockets attached to the side of the bucket provide space for almost any tool you might need for household fixes and routine DIY projects, while the interior of the bucket allows you to store bigger essentials like paint, potting soil, and more. Easy to pack, unpack, and carry, it’s an alternative (or addition) to your average toolbox.

Next time you’re at The Home Depot and are on a budget, you may want to check out some of these tools. They are definitely handy to have and won’t hurt your wallet buying them.



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