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5 Mysterious Photos That Cannot Be Explained

We here at Fiveorama are big fans of the unknown, creepy, and unexplained. We surfed the web in search of some of the most unexplainable photos ever taken. We found five photos that simply cannot be explained and are downright chilling.

5. Copper Falling Body

The photo above has been terrifying people for years, even the people that took this photo.

Unfortunately, not much is known about this photo given its age. But the Copper family did claimed that the photo is %100 authentic and %100 creepy.

According to the family, they decided to take a family photo in their new home to celebrate. But when it was developed they discovered a dark man falling from the ceiling. The horror!

What would you do if this happened to you? Would you through your phone across the room and run in terror? Or would you simply dismiss it as a camera malfunction?

4. Mysterious JFK Lady

The assassination of JFK had the world shook on November 22, 1963. But there was one woman in particular who appeared to be fascinated by the murder.

As the photo above shows, while everyone was ducking and fearing for their lives the moment the shots were fired, this woman seemed unphased by it and was even taking photos of the happenings. There are actually several photos taken that day that show the woman nonchalantly enjoying one of America’s most horrendous moments.

According to reports, the FBI searched for her identity and photos but nothing has ever been uncovered.

Did this lady have something to do with the assassination? The world may never know.

3. Soldier’s Ghost

Many believe that the photo above is actual evidence of ghosts. The photo was reportedly taken at Freddy Jackson’s funeral. Jackson passed away right before he was to become a member of Goddard’s Squadron.

At the man’s funeral, the squadron took a group photo (the one above). After it was developed, the group was able to identify the mysterious transparent man. It was none other than Jackson himself.

So is it possible that Jackson attended his own funeral in order to appear in the group photo? Or was this a problem in developing the photo? Can you explain this?

2. Hallway Ghost

The following photo was taken by a concerned son after experiencing haunting activity at his mother’s home. The photo shows what appears to be a dark figure at the end of the hall.

The brother’s sibling posted the photo online with the following caption:

“My mom’s house is haunted, so my brother took a few pictures of her standing at the end of her hallway. It wasn’t until after he adjusted the brightness when we noticed this very scary, very dark figure standing next to her.”

Was this a shadow person caught on camera? Or are they just trying to pull a fast one? Either way, this image is quite unexplainable.

1. Alien Encounter

The following photo was taken from the aftermath of a supposed alien encounter. The man in the photo is Stefan Michalak, a man who claims to have come into close contact with a UFO and alien beings.

“Michalak says he saw a door open and heard voices from inside the object, after which he tried to make contact in English and other languages but got no response. He claims to have burned his hand while attempting to examine “colorful glass” found around the object and seen a grid-like exhaust vent that expelled gas that burned his clothing.”

This image and story remain a mystery to this day. Could you solve it?



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