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5 Side Hustles That Will Help You Quit Your 9 To 5

Wake up, go to work, go home, and do it all over again the next day. That sound like a horrible lifestyle to live. Where is the time for actually enjoying life? We are in a day in age where there are countless ways to make money. What if there was a way for you to finally be able to quit your day job and enjoy a life of freedom with passive income?

We compiled a list of 5 side hustles that will help you become your own boss and have the lifestyle you always dreamed of. With these side hustles, you will be able to set up your own schedule, work on your own time, and be the decisive factor as to how much money you actually make.

5. Food Deliver Apps/Rideshare

While it may sound tedious, food delivery apps like DoorDash, UberEats, and others, offer you the chance to work around your schedule and make your own schedule while still being able to make up to $35 an hour.

The best thing to do is do your research on each one of these apps and find which one is best for the area you live in. If you want a different environment that keeps you on the move, this may be a great option for you.

But if this doesn’t sound pleasing to you, don’t worry, there are four more side hustles on this list that may just catch your eye.

4. Start A Blog

We all have interests and passions that we love to talk about. Well, guess what? Your interests are also the same interests as other people. Where am I going with this? Start a blog!

Yes, writing about your passions could be a great avenue to make money on your own time.

While this side hustle isn’t an instant money-maker, it is one that has the highest potential.

Pick a topic you like, begin writing blogs and articles, and spread the word. Eventually, your writing will be seen by others who share the same interests. You could be making thousands of dollars every month by simply writing about what you like and enjoy.

3. Online Freelancing

This one is one that could earn you high volumes of cash in a short period of time by doing something you’re skillful at.

There are so many ways to make money online freelancing. If you can read, write, program, make videos, or are open to learning a variety of skills, you can make money freelancing online. You could even do bookkeeping for other businesses online!

There are actually a variety of websites that offer courses that teach you skills to help you start earning online.

The bottom line is that the potential is limitless if you are even a little tech-savvy or have writing skills.

How To Start:

The Brambila Method – 8 days of online training, plus 4 online side hustle ideas you can launch right away, this is perhaps the best course in general online freelancing anywhere!
Proofread Launchpad – Learn how to get paid to be a professional proofreader
Transcribe Anywhere – Learn how to transcribe audio and get paid online
Facebook Side Hustle Course – Learn how to dominate social media for small businesses
$10k VA – Learn how to become a high-paid virtual assistant
Bookkeepers – Learn how to become a bookkeeper and help businesses with accounting online

2. E-Commerce

This side hustle isn’t for everyone, but you can make tens of thousands of dollars by starting an online e-commerce business.

Using platforms like eBay, Big Cartel, Etsy, or Amazon, you can establish an online business where you’re selling your products around the world.

For example, you can make and sell…

wedding cards
hand-dyed yarn
stickers and enamel pins
charms and even clothing
The best part of this business model is that almost all operations can be outsourced. For instance, manufacturing and transportation, etc.

You have your own online business while working on your own time.

While this hustle has a high upside, it does require time, commitment, and money to get started. But with the right tools and commitment, you can benefit largely from this side hustle.

1. Wholesale Real Estate

Have you ever seen those signs on the road that say “we buy ugly houses?”

Well, those people are more than likely making hundreds of thousands of dollars every year by simply writing up a contract and selling it for large amounts of money.

Okay, it’s not as simple as that. But wholesaling real estate can bring large amounts of money into your pockets. The trick of this business is to buy houses that seem to be run down or in need of repair for a low amount and sell it to a house flipper or investor for a higher amount.

The profit margins are high for this side hustle.

If you’d like to know more about wholesale real estate, you can do so on this LINK.

If you know of more side hustles and want to share with our readers, feel free to comment them down below.


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