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Five Instagram Pages You Must Follow TODAY

While too much social media could deem unproductive, following the right pages could actually help you. We compiled a list of five pages you must follow on Instagram right now that you will not regret.

5. Follow @simonegiertz To Wonder Why You Never Thought Of That

Since appearing on primetime television shows like Mythbusters and The Colbert Show, Giertz has acquired considerable fame. Follow her to embrace your inner nerd as she openly begs NASA to make her an astronaut, all the while laughing at her own expense.

4. Follow @photoshop For Some Of The Coolest Images On The Web

We have all seen some mesmerizing creatings done on Photoshop, so why not follow a page that’s full of them?

3. Follow @pumpkintheraccoon For The Most Adorable Content

We can all use a little cuteness in our lives. This little guy will surely bring a smile to your face and to those who you share his photos with. We do warn you, this page may also be a tear-jerker.

2. Follow @buzzfeedtasty To Get Salivating

Hungry and don’t know what to make? BuzzFeed’s Tasty will help you out with that. Whether you’re looking for new recipes or enjoy watching food videos, this is the page you want to follow.

1. Follow @tank.sinatra For “Dank Memes”

And lastly, we could all use a good laugh. This page is sure to share the “dankest” memes out there. Take a look and enjoy some of the funniest content on the Internet.



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