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Here Are 5 Facts Movie Theaters Don’t Want You To Know

We love going to the movies as much as anyone. So we wondered: is there anything movie theaters are hiding from us that we don’t know? Here are five facts and secrets movie theaters don’t want you to know:

1. You will not save money by purchasing a package deal.

Snacks at movie theaters are already expensive enough as they are. Many theaters try to convince people into buying a package deal to save money. The combination offers that include popcorn, a beverage, and other refreshments do not actually save you money. When you tally up the prices of all the deal’s components separately and compare them to the combo price, the benefit isn’t as significant.

If you want to enjoy a snack and want to save a buck, just simply buy the smaller sizes.

2. Popcorn is not always fresh.

Movie theaters claim to offer the freshest popcorn, which could explain the high prices. But what if we told you the popcorn isn’t always made fresh every day? In fact, many movie theaters are left with a lot of popcorn by the end of the night. If the popcorn isn’t sold out by the end of the night, the staff will wrap it up and store it in plastic bags, then heat it up and sell it again the next morning.

3. The perfect seat.

The movie-going experience should be a memorable and enjoyable one. So why not get the best seats in the house when you are there? If you did not know. The best place to sit when you go to the movie theater is about two-thirds of the way back and the closest to the middle of the row as you can. This is because the sound engineer sits in those seats when calibrating the theater.

4. Free movie poster.

Now, this one is a hack that may not work in every movie theater but it sure helps to try. If you’re a fan of movies and want to have memorabilia without having to spend any money, you can try and get a free movie poster at your local theater.

Typically, theaters are given quite a few posters to promote the films being played. But after they’re done, they tend to throw them out. You can always contact the local movie theater manager and ask if they have any posters they are willing to give away. The chances are that they do and will be more than happy to give you one.

We aren’t saying it’ll work all the time, but give this one a try!

5. Get your money back.

Have you ever had your movie-going experienced ruined by a crying baby or someone being obnoxiously loud? Well, you don’t have to have your experience ruined. Most theaters will be willing to refund you the ticket if it wasn’t satisfactory.

Another thing to add. Some movie theaters may even give you a refund if you did not like the movie. This only works if you leave before the halfway mark of the movie. But bare in mind that it won’t always be the case.

Did you enjoy these movie secrets and facts? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section. And next time you go to the movies, remember these secrets. It may just save you a few bucks and make your experience that much better.



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