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Here Are 5 Things You MUST BUY At IKEA

One could get lost at an IKEA looking for different items to improve their homes. The giant store lets customers walk around a maze-like walkway looking for things to decorate their homes with.

Today, we decided to show you five things you should buy at IKEA at five different price points. We will begin with the cheapest and finish off with the more expensive one.

5. Nyskoljd Dish Drying Mat ($3)

We all know how messy it can get when looking to dry your dishes. This mat will help you with your bigger pots and pans, which will thus make it easier to use your drying rack for your smaller items. Say goodbye to the mess.

4. Vindriktning Air Quality Sensor ($14)

Do you ever feel like the air in your home isn’t fresh enough? Well, that may very well be the case.

With this little gadget, you will be able to know whether the air inside your home is safe or if you may need to get a purifier.

The light on the front shows green for good air, yellow for OK, and red for poor quality.

3. Lennart Drawer Unit ($20)

When the pandemic hit, many people were left to work at home. Since then, there has been a boom in work-from-home jobs. This means that many people have their offices at home.

This product is the perfect product to keep around your desk to keep your stuff organized.

2. Fornuftig ($75)

Let’s say you got yourself the air quality sensor mentioned above and it showed that the air in your house is of poor quality. IKEA offers that Fornuftig air purifier to keep your house fresh and clean.

The store only recently got into making air purifiers, and its first model, the Fornuftig, is affordable, attractive and efficient. Honestly, it’s a breath of fresh air.

1. Strandmon Wing Chair ($349)

This chair has over 200 5-star ratings on Ikea’s website. It comes in eight great colors and patterns, from understated gray to a vibrant palm print. The removable seat cover is machine-washable, meaning this chair will look brand new for years to come.

Enjoy a night watching your favorite shows in this comfortable chair.


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