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Here’s What Would Happen If All Of Humanity Went To Sleep For The Next 1000 Years

Have you ever wondered: What would happen if all of humanity went to sleep for the next 1000 years? We had the same question, so we decided to do some research and figure out the answer.

What we found out? Well, if humanity were to go to sleep for the next ten centuries it would actually do a lot of good to the planet.

Here’s a list of what would happen if humanity was able to sleep for the next 1000 years:

1. Forests Would Grow Back Everywhere On Earth.

It is estimated that a rainforest needs over 4,000 years to fully regenerate all of its features. But that is with humans making it hard for it to do its job faster.

So, if humans seized to exist for the next 1000 years, all forests would be able to regenerate at a faster rate than before.

But not only will forests thrive from this, but the animals that inhabit them will too since they would have an abundance of food.

2. A Huge Number Of Buildings Would Collapse.

Of course, manmade things need humans to be able to take care of them or else they’ll collapse. That means that manmade buildings will collapse sooner than later.

Most roof shingles used to construct homes are built to last 20-30 years. After that, leaks and other issues would appear, requiring human intervention to fix them. The moment your roof starts leaking, it’s only a matter of time before the water rots your wooden roof and your walls. Because of this, wooden structures would be the first to go.

You can also forget skyscrapers. Those buildings will have tumbled down to the ground as well.

The only buildings that would probably still be standing after 1,000 years are ones made of stone.

3. The Planet Would Go Pitch Black.

The only source of light the planet will have is the sun and the moon’s glow. It will only take a matter of days for this to happen as most fossil fuel power stations would shut down, resulting in blackouts all over the world. Only Times Square and Las Vegas would still have light for a few more days.

Furthermore, many subway systems that pump water would begin to malfunction, therefore flooding the tunnels in a matter of just 36 hours. Our oceans will also be contaminated by giant oil explosions.

4. Many Cities Would Be Underwater.

The reason the world isn’t under water right now is because of drainage systems, dams, and bridges. These human-made systems were put in place to keep cities like Amsterdam above water.

But if humans weren’t around to maintain these systems, the force of the water would destroy them. Massive amounts of water would enter our cities and what used to be our homes.

It would only take a matter of a couple of decades for cities like Miami, New York City, and New Orleans to be completely underwater.

5. Waking Up Would Mean Fighting For Survival.

With technology being nonexistent at this point and the entire planet being a giant forest, humans will need to get into a primitive mindset if they want to survive.

The entire planet would be run by large animals. While people would already have all the technical knowledge to build everything back to how it was, they will need to find a way to take back the planet.

So, do you think it’s a good idea for the entirety of humanity to hibernate for the next 1000 years?



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