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How To Easily Survive A Wild Animal Attack

A great fear for many peoples is probably coming across a wild animal during a nature hike and being the subject of an attack. If you ever happen to find yourself in any of these situations (hopefully never), there are a few ways that you can come out of it alive and well.

Here’s a list of five different animal encounters and what you can do to survive them.

1. Crocodile or Alligator

There are a couple of ways to survive if this giant lizard charges at you. It is known that adult alligators and crocodiles can run at an average speed of about 18-20 miles per hour. If you ever see one charging at you, you need to pick a direction and run as fast as you can. The large reptiles will quickly lose interest if they deem you to hard to catch.

One misconception about surviving an alligator attack is running in a zig-zag motion. While this won’t necessarily hurt your chances of surviving an attack, it’s just not necessary.

If running didn’t work and the crocodile or alligator catches you in its jaws, poke and kick it as hard as possible in the eyes. This will help get startled and it will most likely release you.

2. Untamed Dog

If 1 or 2 dogs are showing aggression towards you, stand your ground. You must find a way to scare the dog before it lunges at you. Making yourself appear as large as possible will intimidate the dog.

One practical tip is that shouting and throwing rocks at it will scare it away.

If a whole pack is threatening you, you may need to run for safety if protection is less than 20 feet away. High places are your best friend since dogs aren’t known for being climbers.

Don’t bother trying to run from an attacking pack of wild dogs, since they hunt in packs and can easily outrun and corner you. Fortunately, though, wild dogs seldom show an interest in attacking humans. If you leave them alone, they’ll leave you alone.

3. Bears

This is one of the most useful tips you could know when planning your next wild adventure. Bear attacks are something you must look out for when camping or being around the wild.

Making noise is actually helpful. While it may seem that you are attracting the bear by being loud, most bears won’t attack unless they feel cornered or surprised. Bears would rather stay away from the trouble if they don’t feel threatened.

Another important tip is: Do not run!

You will never be fast enough to outrun a bear and they will see you as easy prey. Your best chances at surviving a bear attack are standing your ground, making yourself big by yelling and swaying your arms, and using bear spray.

4. Mountain Lions

Much like bears, mountain lions aren’t ones to look for a fight. While going on a hike in puma territory try and wear a bell. Making noise will make the feline keep away.

If you do happen to encounter the wild cat. Making yourself look threatening will help ward it off. Using sticks and rocks to throw at it will also help drive it away.

It is never a good idea to run away. They will catch you. You must stand your ground and fight.

5. Snakes

If you know that you will be walking in snake territory, make sure that you are wearing protective clothing. This means you should wear long sleeve shirts and pants. It is important that you give the snake the least space to bite you.

If you happen to come across a snake that is coiled up with its head upward you must not turn your back to it. Instead, face the snake and begin to walk backward. Turning your back to the snake will make it easier for it to bite you.

Another good practice when walking in snake territory is using a walking stick. The stick can come in handy when encountering a snake that is coming at you. Use it to ward it off.

If you found these tips useful let us know.



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