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If You See This In a Public Bathroom, Get Out And Call the Police Immediately!

Going on a road trip and making a quick pit stop? Had to stay at a hotel for whatever reason? Whatever the case is for you to use a public restroom, it is important that you look out for this particular device.

There is a new hidden camera that looks just like the hooks that you see in your typical bathroom stall. If you see these, get out immediately and call the police, someone is invading your personal space and privacy.

These cameras are operated wirelessly and, according to Twenty Two Words, “can be recorded remotely, and the wireless remote control works through walls.” A few years ago these hooks with hidden cameras were found in a Florida Keys bathroom.

The hooks are really easy for someone to get their hands on, too. One search for “hooks hidden camera” on Amazon and a bunch pop right up. It’s actually kind of crazy that anyone could get their hands on these and use them in such a disgusting manner.

The big thing to look out for, other than the suspicious-looking hole at the top, is if the hook is placed in an odd spot. If it’s in a spot that doesn’t seem normal for a hook, be on alert.



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