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These 5 Disturbing 911 Calls Will Bring Chills Down Your Spine

One of the hardest jobs must be being a 911 call operator. If you don’t think so, this video may change your mind. These 911 calls are disturbing and can cause you to be uneasy.

Each one of these calls are individual cases. Here are a few descriptions of what you’ll hear:

Number 5

The following call happened just minutes before an intruder broke into an elderly woman’s home. Her call to the police is terrifying:

Number 4

Domestic violence can be horrifying, especially when it involves children. The following call was made by a young girl as a desperate cry for help.

Number 3

The next horrifying call was made by a helpless woman who witnessed her friend getting attacked by a chimpanzee. The woman’s frantic cries are difficult to listen to.

Number 2

This audio clip is one of the most heartbreaking. A little girl’s cry for help after experiencing something horrifying.

Number 1

Most people call 9-1-1 to report a crime they witnessed. Not many call to turn themselves in. The following audio is one of the most terrifying 9-1-1 calls ever recorded. A young man decided to call the police after committing a murder.


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