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These Things Spotted At Walmart Will Make You Cringe

We have all made a Wal-Mart run at some point in our lives and have come across something “weird.” These are a collection of photos that will have you wondering why.

Take a look and enjoy some weirdness:

15. The Bearded Lady

14. Adult Baby

13. Plunger Boys

12. Pink Is Fabulous

11. Bathroom Was Out Of Service

10. Santa Fairy

9. Meaty Seat

8. What?!

7. Wienermobile

6. Jeans Protestor Lady

5. The Perfect Screensaver Doesn’t Exis…

4. Abraham Lincoln

3. Ariel, Is That You?

2. Umm… That’s Not How You Use A Belt

1. Guess They Didn’t Like It



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