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You’re More Attractive Than You Think. Here’s Why

Whether you’re lacking in self-confidence or feel as if people think you’re “ugly,” we may have found a reason why you’re actually more attractive than you think. First, let’s begin by saying that beauty is subjective. Everyone has different tastes and it’s impossible to have a standard over what’s considered “true beauty.”

But that doesn’t stop people from feeling as if they just aren’t “good-looking” enough by society’s standards. It’s important to also remember that beauty isn’t just skin deep. There are more things that can make a person beautiful.

So let’s dive in. Here are five reasons why you are more attractive than you think:

5. You Have a Strong Life Purpose And Are Enthusiastic About It

If you are living with a purpose and show it, people take notice. And it does, in fact, make you more attractive.

It’s more the result of doing it that can make people perceive you as more interesting.

When you have a clear life purpose, you also have clear goals. You know what you’re doing and where you’re going, and few things can distract you.

This determination usually makes people perceive you as confident and centered, which are traits often associated with attractiveness.

4. People Say You Are A Good Listener

Lending an ear to someone and actually taking in what they’re saying is another reason that someone may be more attractive than they think. People tend to love talking about themselves and their interests. This is why being a great listener isn’t an easy trait to have. But if you do happen to have this trait, you are winning.

According to a study published in the journal Science of Nature, being a good listener is a trait that can help be perceived as more attractive — if you have it, people tend to genuinely enjoy your company and feel safe and understood around you.

3. People Initiate Contact With You More Than You Do With Them

If you find yourself being contacted more by people than you contact them, it’s probably a sign of attraction.

People tend to reach out to the people that make them feel safe and comfortable.

If you think about it, we usually text, call and want to hang out with the people we care about or simply like. Because we tend to move toward the things that make us feel good.

2. You Always Follow Through

Being a reliable person is definitely a sign of being attractive. People can come to you with ease and know that you’ll be there for them. This causes them to be more attracted to your being.

We all know at least a few people who have the habit of making promises they eventually don’t keep.

And we have all been guilty of that at some point of our lives.

This is why if you are someone who consistently keeps their promises, you probably stand out in other people’s minds.

1. You Feel Comfortable Setting Boundaries

It’s one thing to respect others, but it’s another thing to respect yourself. And having self-respect can go a long way in making people feel attracted to you.

Knowing when to say no is one of the most admirable qualities someone can have.

It means you’re not afraid of what others may think of you, and that you are able to stand up for yourself in virtually any situation.

This is definitely a sign of self-respect.

People who are not afraid of setting boundaries exude confidence. They love themselves enough to make their own mental well-being a priority.

And they can earn other people’s respect without the need to be arrogant, aggressive, manipulative, or a bully.

So, at the end of the day, attraction is something that can be earned by simply being a good human being. It is essential that you are a good person. Outer “beauty” can go so far, but it’s who you are as a person that makes you stand out.



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